Lutherans loving thenew year.

Martin Luther wrote, “When it comes to faith, what a living, creative, active, powerful thing it is. It cannot do other than good at all times. It never waits to ask whether there is some good work to do, rather, before the question is raised, it has done the deed, and keeps on doing it.” What must a day in the life of a pre-reformation era monk have been like? find out here On day three of 2012 its easy to kick back and enjoy fruits of a successful year thus far, but we have to remember that we don’t need to wait for December 31st to make a change, to have a “re-birth”. Every morning God’s mercies are new (or at noon, you know-whenever you wake up you slothful hypocrite) and every day should be a chance to have a do-over, physically and spiritually if we want it. So grab today, and make the decision to live it by faith and enjoy the ride! This Sunday, January 8th, we will be leading worship for Advent Lutheran Church’s contemporary service at 10:20 am, so FSRCOTH is taking a field trip to 5820 Pinemont Dr, Houston, TX 77092-2604, please resolve to join us-we may even be disposed to share some of our raw cauliflower with you afterwards!